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Mount Mangdang Scenic

Mount Mangdang Scenic

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One-day Travel Itinerary of Mount Mangdang Tourist Area

Morning itinerary

Depart early in the morning from designated location for the national AAAAA level tourist area - Source of Han, Happy Place in Mortal World - Mount Mangdang Tourist Area.


Watch large-scale historical real-scene drama - the founding emperor welcomes guests or Nuo dance blessing performances (for every Saturday, Sunday, statutory holiday from March to May, September to November)

9:20 - 12:00

Visit China's largest underground palace in King Liang scenic area - underground palace of a queen of King Liang of Han, to experience the shocking Han civilization, visit the earliest flush toilet, witness the eternal legend of love - mysterious road of lovesickness, make wishes at the picturesque Lianxin pavilion at the west gate of the underground palace so that ancient love will encounter current emotions here. Pass by Mangshan Temple, a renowned monastery on Central Plains where Monk Zhenhua, one of top ten Chinese monks, found his way to Buddhism. Visit the underground palace of Liu Wu, King Xiao of Liang, where the causes and consequences of Cao Cao treasury robbery are revealed. Visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors of King Xiao of Liang and experience the aggressiveness and wealth of the warlord. Visit the underground palace of King Gong of Liang and appreciate the color mural of four sacred creatures and the jade suits, two of nine treasures of the Central Plains. Nuo dance performance, a national intangible cultural heritage known as the "live fossil of Chinese dance" will be presented free of charge.

12:00 - 13:30


Afternoon itinerary

13:30 - 17:00

Visit the source of rising of Han Dynasty - Liu Bang's snake killing place, watch stereo and light drama - Liu Bang kills the snake, visit world wonder - the snake killing monument, statues of 24 Han emperors, Han exhibition of technologies and culture. Climb the peak of Mount Mangdang, visit the grand Han scenic area and appreciate from a distance Liu Bang statue, the highest emperor statue in Asia; visit Mountain Mangdang Geological Park, a popular provincial geological cultural garden integrating science education, tourism and leisure. Compose of Geological Museum, Spectacular Artificial Rocks Museum, Geological and Cultural Gallery, Cambrian Lake, Cambrian Eco-park and other landscapes. The geological museum, with an exhibition area of 3000 square meters, has a collection of almost one thousand ore and mineral specimens, 5D theater, earthquake experience, volcanic experience, seabed cabin, electronic book and other almost 100 pieces of high-tech equipment. The Hanwu Lake Ecopark in the garden is characteristic of clear water and picture que landscapes.


Complete the pleasant trip and return to your sweet home.