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Mount Mangdang Scenic

Mount Mangdang Scenic

Mount Mangdang

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Introduction of Mount Mangdang Tourist Area

Mount Mangdang tourist area is a AAAAA level scenic spot that integrates landscape sightseeing, culture appreciation, and ecological leisure. With Lianyungang - Horgos expressway and Zhengzhou - Xuzhui expressway running through the area, the tourist area has obvious geographical advantages and is only 3.5 kilometers from Yongcheng North Station of Zhengzhou - Xuzhou high-speed railway.

Covering an area of 14 square kilometers, Mount Mangdang tourist area boasts of lofty mountains, picturesque sceneries, rich history and mysterious culture. Scenic spots like underground tombs of Western Han kings, the largest one in the world, the snake killing site, the great Han scenic spots, Mount Mangdang geological park, Chen Sheng's tomb, Confucius rain shelter and other attractions are available here. The "Painting of Four Sacred Creatures" and "Gold-woven Jade Suits" unearthed from those Western Han tombs are both treasures of the Chinese people.

Come to Mount Mangdang, visit the world's first stone tomb, appreciate the cultural relics before the Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuang, explore the mysteries on stone statues and experience the profoundness and inclusiveness of the Han civilization.

Come to Mount Mangdang, find a Han courtyard where you can wear Han clothing, learn Han rituals, eat Han food, and experience the Han customs lost into history.

Come to Mount Mangdang, enjoy the green mountains and rivers, linger over Han palaces, listen to melodious Han music and appreciate the wonders of the world. Welcome to Mount Mangdang, the source of Han!